Frenetic Friday

Well here it is Friday already and I am playing catch up, so with no further delay let’s start.

A brief history of Rock and Roll via guitar riffs:

Axiom:  ax-i-om  [ak-see-uhm] 


1.  a self-evident truth that requires no proof.

2.  a universally accepted principle or rule.

3.  Logic, Mathematics . a proposition that is assumed without proof for the sake of studying the consequences that follow from it. 

Dan Phillips at the Pyromaniacs blog gives us 23 axioms that follow the second definition.  Dan Phillips Axioms

Who is Amelia Hamilton?  Well she writes at the the Misfits Politics blog and is the author of One Nation under God a book for little Patriots.  Which seems to have generated a lot of ill will.  Well haters got to hate.

HT:  Steve Hays

Okay, okay I know it’s the Olympics and I suppose that I must be one of the few that aren’t watching them.  My reasons?  Well mainly because the sports that I do follow:  Judo, Tae Kwon Do, and Boxing are either never shown or scheduled for the early a.m.  But some things do tend to grab me like these two contrasts.  Lolo Jones a track and field star who has stated that she’s saving herself for marriage.  And that the Olympic village has ordered 100,000 condoms because it that one of the traditions at the Olympics is another “o” word:  orgy.

Speaking of judo seems if your a drunken fan you shouldn’t throw a plastic bottle on the 100 meter track if you’re next to the bronze winner of judo.

And it appears that the latest fad in the pacific northwest is making a pyramid of  picnic tables much to the ire of the park workers.

That’s it for this week.