Frenetic Friday

So Wednesday (August 1) was Chick-fil-a appreciation day.  As a result the company officials said a new record was set.  As I watching the local news when they ran the Chick-fil-a information I noticed that the display ratio of those that were supporters versus non-supporters was about one supporter to three non-supporters.  No media bias there.

Sticking to the controversy theme lets talk about the new dollar coins.  So the urban legend is that the new coins do not have in God we trust.  In actuality the coins do have the in God we trust on the coin but instead of being on the front or back of the coin it is on the edge of the coin.  Well congress reversed it’s ruling and once again the words in God we trust will appear on the back of the new dollar coin.
Let’s just put this under things that make me go huh?
And I always suspected this:
Well the Olympics are almost over and one of the new controversies is that the medal winners have to pay taxes on the medals that they win. A certain blog suggests that a single gold medal will cost the winner 9000 dollars to the IRS.  Well needless to say this has outraged more than just a few people.  However Senator Marco Rubio introduced a bill on August 1 the Olympic Tax Elimination Act that would eliminate any supposed tax upon the winners of the Olympics.
Have a nice weekend folks.