Frenetic Friday

You’ve seen this:

This is the third of the Batman trilogy directed by Chris Nolan. Seems there was one person on Rotten Tomatoes that bucked against the flow and said that it wasn’t the greatest movie that Nolan had ever made, what followed was an all out internet war against that one reviewer including death threats.  This prompted Rotten Tomatoes to shut down the comments now keep in mind most of the people attacking the bad review had never seen the film.  Read more here

And this is for Frank Turk who can’t seem to get why Firefly is popular.

What do you do with your old books?   I put them in storage or they just line my various bookshelves around the house.  But this guy decide to do something constructive with his old books.

This is Mitt Romney’s answer to President Obama’s statement about small business

Speaking of Mitt Romney Dan Phillips has an excellent suggestion for those who want to write in their perfect candidate.

Is Christianity the worst source of all the evil in the world?  Professor John Stackhouse has an excellent answer.

And last but not least what celebrities would look like if they were real people .


4 Replies to “Frenetic Friday”

  1. Nice quick-moving blog you’ve got here! I’m afraid I have to agree with Dan’s post too… I voted for a third party candidate last time, out of conscience, and now I find myself doing what I promised myself I’d never do: Holding my nose and voting for the “lesser of two evils.”


    1. Thanks I’m trying to keep this current unlike my previous work. And I will take all the constructive criticism I can get so please don’t hesitate.


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