Earworm Wednesday: Hold on Loosely ~ Lexington Lab Band

So this is the second time that the Lexington Lab Band has appeared on the blog. The first time was when they did a cover of “What a fool believes”. This time they are covering 38 Special ‘s “Hold on Loosely”. So why 38 Special? Well for some reason known only to the programmer at the radio station and the good Lord a 38 Special song was playing each morning as I drove to work. Here is the Lexington Lab Band with Hold on Loosely.

Earworm Wednesday: Lucky Man ~ Circe Link

So for about two weeks now I have had this song in my head. I remember hearing this song when I was younger. Why it popped in my head now I haven’t a clue.

When looking for a cover of this song I found Circe Link. Besides Circe, no relation to the enchantress of homeric poems that I know of, there is Christian Nesmith son of Michael Nesmith of the Monkees. I am unsure who the third player is. But enjoy.

Wokeism Is a Hateful Religion

by Phil JohnsonBTW, “Get Woke or get out” is no way to promote Christian unity.ohn McWhorter, professor of linguistics, comparative religion, music history, and Americana at Columbia University has been pointing out (since at least 2015) that Woke anti-racism is a religion. McWhorter says, “When someone attests to his white privilege with his hand up…

Wokeism Is a Hateful Religion

On Hiatus

Going on hiatus for a while. I am trying to get my finances stable as my work hours have been cut.