Earworm Wednesday ~ Plenty to be thankful for ~ The Hildebrands

It is the day before Thanksgiving and as I was thinking about Thanksgiving I thought of two things one was this song by Irving Berlin. I first heard it from the film Holiday Inn, Bing Crosby sang it.

The next thing was, and this may reveal the peculiarities of my mind more than I care to think about, was Robinson Crusoe. Now why Robinson Crusoe you may ask? Well it is because in the story of that shipwrecked sailor there was much about being truly thankful. And here is a quote:

“I learned to look more upon the bright side of my condition, and less upon the dark side, and to consider what I enjoyed, rather than what I wanted : and this gave me sometimes such secret comforts, that I cannot express them ; and which I take notice of here, to put those discontented people in mind of it, who cannot enjoy comfortably what God has given them, because they see and covet something that he has not given them. All our discontents about what we want appeared to me to spring from the want of thankfulness for what we have.”

Now let me commend to you the reading of Daniel Defoe’s classical tale and the enjoyment of listening to the Hildebrands singing.

Faith’s Checkbook

No Condemnation

In those days, and in that time, saith the Lord, the iniquity of Israel shall be sought for, and there shall be none; and the sins of Judah, and they shall not be found: for I will pardon them whom I reserve. (Jeremiah 50:20)

A glorious word indeed! What a perfect pardon is here promised to the sinful nations of Israel and Judah! Sin is to be so removed that it shall not be found, so blotted out that there shall be none. Glory be unto the God of pardons!

Satan seeks out sins wherewith to accuse us, our enemies seek them that they may lay them to our charge, and our own conscience seeks them even with a morbid eagerness. But when the Lord applies the precious blood of Jesus, we fear no form of search, for “there shall be none”; “they shall not be found.” The Lord hath caused the sins of His people to cease to be: He hath finished transgression and made an end of sin. The sacrifice of Jesus has cast our sins into the depths of the sea. This makes us dance for joy.

The reason for the obliteration of sin lies in the fact that Jehovah Himself pardons His chosen ones. His word of grace is not only royal but divine. He speaks absolution, and we are absolved. He applies the atonement, and from that hour His people are beyond all fear of condemnation. Blessed be the name of the sin-annihilating God!

Frenetic Friday

Been a long time since I wrote a Freneticx Friday I thought I’d try to see if I could still do it.

So as we slowly wait for the end of the republic as we now know it I thought I would go over a few highlights.

Have you heard about the “Great Reset”?

And if you find the video too long here is a web page that outlines their proposed changes in the next ten years.

Pioneers of Change Summit:  Now is time for a “great reset”.

So let’s talk about the elephant in the room:  Covid-19.  Now unfortunately I live in the red half of a blue state and because of the draconian rule of our governor in order to stay gainfully employed I have to wear a mask in certain situations.

And I do know a person whose death was in part caused by Covid-19.   And yes he was, as I am, in the high risk category.  However, I am not willing to deny someone who has a different opinion regarding this from speaking out on it.  Not so the German government.

This is Dr. Andreas Noack a person who has been opposed to the lockdown in Germany was arrested according to the ” Infection Protection Act”.  
It is interesting to note that the during the beginning of the Third Reich they didn’t start by throwing people into box cars but rather began by arresting dissenters.  A person here, a person there.  The box cars come as a result of a gradual build up.

And now for our Robotic Over Lords:
With the possibility of a Brave New World coming in January, I am beginning to wonder if our Robotic Over Lords’ time table is all that it is cracked up to be.  But be that as it may the Japanese farmers are employing a robotic wolf to scare away bears.

And last but not least a little bit of humor. 

Good night.

No Earworm Wednesday

Sorry ladies and gentlemen but I haven’t been listening to music lately so nothing has stuck in my head. However, since we are on the subject of music I would like to make something clear. There will be no Christmas music for an Earworm Wednesday until after the celebration of Thanksgiving.

Also as is my want up to the time of Christmas the blog will be celebrating Advent. More on that later.

Faith’s Checkbook

Limitless Riches

My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19)

Paul’s God is our God and will supply all our need. Paul felt sure of this in reference to the Philippians, and we feel sure of it as to ourselves. God will do it, for it is like Him: He loves us, He delights to bless us, and it will glorify Him to do so. His pity, His power, His love, His faithfulness, all work together that we be not famished.

What a measure doth the Lord go by: “According to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” The riches of His grace are large, but what shall we say of the riches of His glory? His “riches of glory by Christ Jesus”-who shall form an estimate of this? According to this immeasurable measure will God fill up the immense abyss of our necessities. He makes the Lord Jesus the receptacle and the channel of His fullness, and then He imparts to us His wealth of love in its highest form. Hallelujah!

The writer knows what it is to be tried in the work of the Lord. Fidelity has been recompensed with anger, and liberal givers have stopped their subscriptions; but he whom they sought to oppress has not been one penny the poorer, nay, rather he has been the richer; for this promise has been true, “My God shall supply all your need.” God’s supplies are surer than any bank.

Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day, so no Earworm Wednesday today. Instead if you know a veteran thank him for his service. Buy them a coffee, or some other act of kindness. These are the people who have put their lives on the line so we can have the freedoms we have.

Faith s Checkbook

The Magnitude of Grace
“My grace is sufficient for thee; for My strength is made perfect in weakness”
(2 Corinthians 12:9).

Our weakness should be prized as making room for divine strength. We might never have known the power of grace if we had not felt the weakness of nature. Blessed be the LORD for the thorn in the flesh, and the messenger of Satan, when they drive us to the strength of God.

This is a precious word from our LORD’s own lip. It has made the writer laugh for joy. God’s grace enough for me! I should think it is. Is not the sky enough for the bird and the ocean enough for the fish? The All-Sufficient is sufficient for my largest want. He who is sufficient for earth and heaven is certainly able to meet the case of one poor worm like me.

Let us, then, fall back upon our God and His grace. If He does not remove our grief, He will enable us to bear it. His strength shall be poured into us till the worm shall thresh the mountains, and a nothing shall be victor over all the high and mighty ones. It is better for us to have God’s strength than our own; for if we were a thousand times as strong as we are, it would amount to nothing in the face of the enemy; and if we could be weaker than we are, which is scarcely possible, yet we could do all things through Christ.

Faith s Checkbook

Perfection and Preservation

Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it. (1 Thessalonians 5:24)

What will He do? He will sanctify us wholly. See the previous verse. He will carry on the work of purification till we are perfect in every part. He will preserve our “whole spirit, and soul, and body, blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” He will not allow us to fall from grace, nor come under the dominion of sin. What great favors are these! Well may we adore the giver of such unspeakable gifts.

Who will do this? The Lord who has called us out of darkness into His marvelous light, out of death in sin into eternal life in Christ Jesus. Only He can do this: such perfection and preservation can only come from the God of all grace.

Why will He do it? Because He is “faithful”—faithful to His own promise which is pledged to save the believer; faithful to His Son, whose reward it is that His people shall he presented to Him faultless, faithful to the work which He has commenced in us by our effectual calling. It is not their own faithfulness but the Lord’s own faithfulness on which the saints rely.

Come, my soul, here is a grand feast to begin a dull month with. There may be fogs without, but there should be sunshine within.